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Which Bill do I pay first?

The last few years have been rocky for the construction industry. For most, there has been
unprecedented demand combined with timber shortages, incomplete deliveries, price increases, supply issues and trade shortages.

When the construction boom first arrived, the industry expected greater profits. But this was short-lived once business owners discovered they were struggling to pay suppliers and trades. That’s left many in the construction industry wondering,

“How can business be booming when my cash flow is so tight and my profits so low?”

Here’s the answer …

Regardless of the industry, most business owners watch their bank account. If there is money in the bank, they feel like their business is going well. Sound familiar?

The trouble is, with rising prices, interrupted projects and industry-wide growth, your construction business is experiencing a tsunami of challenges. In particular, your cash flow is probably suffering because:

  1. Your margins are insufficient to cope with the price increases.
  2. The seemingly endless supply issues – including sourcing the materials you need and
    incomplete deliveries – are creating completion delays.
  3. You may have been forced to borrow more than you usually do because of business
    interruptions and slower completion times. Now interest and repayments are consuming
    your limited profit margins.
  4. Business growth often requires additional funding for more staff, equipment, materials etc.

The good news is, you can reverse this situation and, with the right help, it might be easier than you imagine.

When you know how, you can improve your cash flow and profits

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