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The Business Navigator

Be in control

Our Business advisory program which we refer to as the business navigator is designed to help business owners control and monitor their organisation’s KPIs. This is done through a series of simplified dashboards removing the need to monitor complicated financial reports which are rarely available in a timely fashion anyway. The business navigator is designed to help business owners make timely and accurate decisions with the most current data and information available to them as and when they need it, rather than relying on the accountant and/or bookkeeper to prepare the necessary reports needed to monitor the business performance.

The business navigator when implemented into your business will help you keep control of your primary KPI indicators. This will help you identify and control your cash flow, which will give you the resources to enable growth in your business.

Make strategic decisions

The business navigator will ensure that you have control of your business plan and strategic direction. You will be able to model and present different scenarios you are considering to implement into your business. These are overlaid onto your current business plan and will show you the potential profit/loss and the cash flow implications that this decision would have on your business.

One of the key numbers any business owner needs to know and understand is their breakeven position. This is the point where your sales equal your expenditure. With the business navigator are able to help you monitor and control this position. Armed with this information you will be able to make strategic decisions and know exactly what impact these decisions will have on your business even before you’ve made them. The breakeven modelling coupled with the overlaid scenario analysis will show you how the breakeven position will be affected by the business decisions.

Ultimately we are here to create a lifestyle for our clients and their families. It is to maximise wealth, ensuring that you can sustain that lifestyle.

So want to know where your business is right now.

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