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Accounting Manuals

Accounting Manuals

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Our expert CFOs and Commercial Accountants have developed standard accounting policies and manuals to help you to implement and maintain internal controls in your business. They deal with all business transactions such as cash management, depreciation, credit terms and stock valuation.

For just $299 you’ll receive a standard manual that covers every conceivable transaction and additional advice about managing seasonality and cycles in your business.

Having standard policies and procedures helps to keep your business compliant and save time at audit and tax time, and is a valuable tool in training new staff or covering for absentees.

Our business process reviews give you an objective view of your business controls and procedures, and help you to implement standard practices to make your accounting function run smoothly and efficiently, protecting your business from error, non-compliance and fraud.

To find out more about how our policy and procedure manuals and business process reviews can help your business, call us on 1300 58 44 80.
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- the table of contents for the accounting manual, including policy and procedures for credit cards. 


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