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CFO Service


Our business CFO@CALL was born out of the belief that many business are under serviced when it comes to commercial and financial support.  Small to medium business’s rarely have the financial means to employ a full time CFO, instead they end up with support from bookkeepers, tax accountants and banks. The advice they give is often generic, technical and transnational in nature.

A strong CFO can arm you with the information you need to make well thought out commercial decisions and provide you with the tools and planning, that will increase your chance of success. Our typical part time or Virtual CFO Advisory service involves us developing a deep understanding of your operations and strategy. This often means being onsite regularly, working closely with your management team & board, whilst also interfacing with your internal finance team.

We focus on providing clarity around the performance of your business and actionable insights to improve. We also help you articulate your long term goals – financial and otherwise and then work with you to put the systems, processes and activities in place to execute

So economic times are tough!

Lets learn from the past and use it to grow in the future.

CFO at call will provide you with valuable judgement to navigate your way to success.

So you can’t afford a full time CFO?

Take advantage of a level of expertise previously unavailable. More importantly, at a fraction of the costs of an expensive full time CFO. If you need plain old good fashion advice. Perhaps help with restructuring, financing, exit and succession planning. Our advisers are best in business and ready to assist you in any way. To assist with your goals, we’ll work with your staff on a weekly, monthly quarterly basis. You determine the frequency.


How cfo at call can help summarised in one minute


Need Guidance & Advice, or simply just a sounding board?
The old adage “two heads are better than one”.

Aren't two heads are better than one?

We act as your trusted advisers. Take your vision for your company and turn it into a meaningful plan. We achieve this by:

  • Undertaking a needs analysis
  • Collaboratively develop a 90 Day Action plan
  • Develop the success factors for the business (i.e. KPI development and reporting)
  • Establish an Advisory Board that will meet monthly to monitor Milestones and KPI’s.
  • Develop Strategic Plans, Budgets, Cash Strategies and Exit & Succession Plans.

Need someone to discuss your issues with?

As an owner of a small to medium business you know how lonely it can be. Frequently, you don’t have anyone to discuss strategies and issues with. Whether it’s problems with suppliers, customers, employees or bankers.

These decisions could determine the well being of your business. They could determine the well being of your family. It’s times like these when your CFO at call could be a good sounding board. Like a virtual partner, we have the business insight a business owner can tap into.


All Areas of Financial Management including:

Cash Strategies

Cash flow projections are used to help understanding your current cash situation. They are also used to help plan your future requirements. Such planning helps reduce your stress levels, and keep suppliers, bankers and employees happy.



So you need to create a budget process, or just want assistance creating a budget that makes sense. CFO at call will help you formulate a budget that is based on your company’s past results and your vision of its future. We’ll help import these into your financial system if the possibility exists.

We can also help with all facets of your accounting including migration to a cloud based accounting package.


Results Analysis

We’ll analyse your financial results and find trends. We’ll

  • Identify your operating efficiencies, that
  • Assist future decision-making.

We will analyse your operations and identify success factors. We will:

  • Set up systems to track these, and
  • Measure performance monthly, weekly, or even daily if needed.


Financial Staff

You may have one or more people who handle the day-to-day transactions of the company. We can manage these staff members onsite at a frequency determined by your needs. This allows you to focus on other aspects of the business, and not spend your time managing the accounting function. We will train the staff, helping them become more knowledgeable and more valuable. We will identify staff members who are in the wrong job, help restructure where required and we can help find suitable replacements if needed.


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