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About our Founder

Penrith to Sydney and the Blue Mountains

CPA Accountant Zoltan Szentirmay our founder brings his big business experience to his small business owner clients.

Brings Big Business Experience to Small Businesses Owners

He’s worked with and served some of the biggest Australian brands professionally, brands like:

Telstra, Thakral Holdings, Pfizer, Salmat, Tyco, Foseco, Brinks, ADI, Stanilite, Philips, BT Australasia, Pierlite, The Hannan Group, ASIC, University of Western Sydney, O’Brien Glass, Uniting Care Ageing (Uniting). HCF, DADHC, Waltons


Zoltan Szentirmay  Founder

Zoltan Szentirmay

Starting his career at Waltons, as a trainee accountant, in one of their retail store where he was accepted into an In-house retail training internship program. The program covered all aspects of retail management, and back office retail accounting as well. One of his mentors was Gerry Harvey, owner of Harvey Norman. At Waltons, Gerry and other trainers, gave him a taste of the way big business works.

After Zoltan left Waltons he spent several years working for a small Chartered Accounting firm, which he found invaluable. He was involved in a variety of audit, tax, compliance accounting and company secretarial work, but, it soon became evident to him that accountants in public practice were very different to commerce. Zoltan left Chartered Accounting and decided to find his way back in commerce. His focus became the improvement of the business performance, rather than what he called “backwards” looking accounting.

Having worked in both types of accounting environments, he now understood the difference. He understood that looking forwards, better management of the finances and systems, focusing on improving day to day operations and the long term viability and business growth was key to business success. He learnt and understood the importance of business modelling – often referred to as “what-if” analysis. Whilst he acknowledges the importance of compliance and tax accounting, it is this commercial mindset rather than compliance focus that his clients get to experience.

As a client and small business owner you too can receive his extensive big business, management accounting and systems implementation experience.

Proactive Management & Cost Accounting


Zoltan is an advocate for Business Planning and Budgeting. He believes in the saying "If you fail to plan you plan to fail". He advocates that all financial budgets need to be developed in sufficient detail as to allow true performance management. It is not about simply adding a percentage to this year’s revenues and costs. There is more to understanding the numbers than saying there is a positive or negative variance. Understanding and quantifying this starts with a sufficiently detailed budget.

As when building a house you need a solid foundation, so likewise a good well thought out budget based on a well thought out strategic plan gives a business one of its key foundations. It’s important that you build a solid foundation and ensure that the key measurement indicators are understood.

Management Accounting

Zoltan learned not only how to prepare the myriad of financial reports used in commerce, that incidentally are not used in compliance accounting but also how to analyse them and more importantly apply them to ensure a better and more efficiently run business. It is some of these little know though not too difficult secrets that set big business apart from small business.

Profitability Indicators

He will look at and ensure that business owners understand their break even and profitability. He will ensure that you understand the costs of running the business and factor this into the cost of production and pricing of products and services, and ultimately the business profitability. There is more to it that meets the eye at first. Yes we all understand that there is a cost but

  • what do we do with it,
  • how does it affect the business,
  • do we need it
  • can we reduce it or
  • If we increase a cost what is its affect.

Some costs or investments are a necessity and will help you earn more and become more profitable. It is knowing this correlation that is important and will help you excel in your business.

Cash Management

Tied into this is also the management of the business cash flow. Where goods are manufactured or sold the stock holding and management of the stock levels. Understanding the correlation between Cash Flows and Financial Statements help you understand the reason why sometimes you report a profit but are unable to see it in the bank balance.


Zoltan has been involved in the implementation of IT systems in a variety of organisations where he worked, dating back to the mid 1980’s. For a short period as a co-owner in a software company that specialised in the aged care sector, he managed the implementation and setup of integrated Management Information Systems for clients. These covered Financial Management, HR, Client Care Management, Asset Management and much more.

He has been instrumental in implementation of variety of small to medium financial systems as well as solutions that were utilised by his clients to manage very large volumes of invoice approvals and payments. He has also been instrumental in training the end users in the use of many of these systems.

It is this knowledge coupled with and understanding of financial pressures and the change management techniques that enables Zoltan to help you chose and implement an appropriate system for your needs. He can help you work through the things you need to know about On-Premise v Cloud based solutions and ensure you select the one most appropriate for your needs.